Burn me after reading this

I’ll blame your hold over me
on the drugs i was on at the time
I don’t believe this obsession
( bordering insanity )
can in any way be natural
or meant to be
because how dare my worst days
so closely overlap
with the only memory I’ll never
let time have

and those snippets i have left of you
they’re but dark imprints
washed over foot prints
a silhouette at midnight
when i dream my hands ball into fists
gripping on instinct too tight
fear of losing another moment
i wake up with palms covered in halfmoons
my head filled with echoes:

¡silly man with the laughably handsome
face and the insecurities of a teenage
learn to swim!
(the world’s drowning you lifelong islander)

a tongue piercing is bitingly cynical
in a mouth so shy
i swear every time i think about it
i feel shivers down my spine.

so thank you for that.