Y r u here?

I hate the universe for sending
– Of all it’s pawns and schemes
And pretty things –

Maybe the night life isn’t for me

This colossal soul
Every starstruck fibre
An entire Big Bang

Just for me to stumble
At the sight of
tall, dark and handsome
Just for me to falter
At this less-than-pleasant
Craving for

Disc Jockey Space Jam

How dare life be anything but
made for this exact Moment we collide
We spin right round


Was there life
And time and space and love Before You

will there ever be Anything again?

I get no response
I get a sad smile

The bartender
At this place
– dark side of the moon –
has a soft spot for
Unrequited love

A tall glass of ice

Crush a soul
Squeeze a spirit
Wrench a heart

Bottoms up

For nothing and nothing more
But to fall wayside of