Blackbeard and the fifth bullet

As long as there is a horizon
I have a heading

My soul withers not below
Foul apples or rotten wood
Just as these dark blue seas
Pick apart and build anew
My being breathes from beyond
The sinful deaths you bind me to

I have set sail long before dawn
Her bug reaching beyond the tips
Of waves gently brushing against wood
gentle as only wishes could

These eyes seek for treasure
This heart lusts for gold

But the gods have forsaken me
Three ports ago

The skies howl unholy
Every storm it can muster
Every dragon and wreath
It sends my sailors

Her rudder stirring
the treacherous waters
My ship is entangled with the beasts
Her captain now a raging demon

I devour every round of death
With madness not fear
Grinning gluttonousely
Feeding hellishly
Wrath rising black smoke
From beneath my feet

Though you may take me
I have already won.