A little death

I swear if i could only kiss you
Get my lips on yours
The poetry I’d find there
Between lips and teeth
and tongues
Words not spoken but
hummed desire unravelled
the sounds of the gods
Would tell of entire epics
And from the first act
we’re falling

into each other’s hands
My fingers would tease the odes
the tragedies
the sins
from the corners of your mouth
entice you with the echoes from
our own temple with my worship
Of creation of lust

You supernova, You, Apollo
when i blink i miss out on an entire
universe being born
You wonder why i avert my eyes
when i was told not to stare at the sun
The godliness in every inch of you
The humble humanity that becomes
like a tailored suit those old jeans and
new vans which were almost definitely
a cry for the god of time to slow down
on your behalf

if i were her you know it long would have

And that’s what i mean when i say
Your kiss would be the death of me.