She swallowed me whole
Encased me entirely
In darkness and warmth
Paralyzed and isolated
I swim in her midst as there is
No north or south just
The abyss inside herself
I float untouched
A message in a bottle
Never to be washed
Ashore or anywhere other
Than swirling in circles
In her chest under her ribcage
In the absence of light i swear
I feel myself become it
Over time and i mean in it’s absence
I brew and stirr in purgatory
The only living thing
She’s kept me here
Bird in a cage
A soul she beckons to entertain
To live to sin
She pulls me in with whispers
Encouraging the glowing
In my chest i see now i was a seed
She planted a flower she wanted
A blossom in her garden of mostly
Shadows and emptiness
A heart she craved in the absence
Of her own
And she holds me close watching me
Grow stronger with each moment
That she bares for me
I know I’ll soon be too much
For her
Like sour milk
She’ll throw me up
In time.