Daddy Non-Issue

I see your absence
In the crooked smiles
Of boys who grew up
To be men
Without fathers
I see them wander
Fueled by wonder of being
Too little to hold onto
For the dad that made them
Before leaving
I see tears fall
In daughters kept waiting
For a man to have their back
Keep safe their heart
When others would break it
So it shatters
With no you at hand
To glue it together
Or save what’s left of it

I see your presence
When i look in the mirror
The way i carry my head
When i straighten my shoulders
I see it in the smile that comes
In confidence and comfort
Both in being enough to be safe
And enough to be loved
I see you’re half of me
Most of the time
I know who i am
Because that’s how you raised me.

Thank you