I’ll slap a dozen smiles on
I’ll plaster my face with pearly whites
Anything really to keep you
from poking at what I’m hiding
A gap a mile wide Unfashionably chic
French they say
To be dark and sullen and full
Of intensity The elegance of carrying
Some of that abyss-ness
Gracefully yeah that’s that Smile
all over me Whatever it takes to keep you
From poking Looking staring
Tumbling in

You don’t belong here.
That’s half the thrill isn’t it you absolute menace you Man-ace it’s positively disgusting how much i get off on just the thought of you because you’re like my favourite music jazz, blues,- You’re a good tune no matter the mood You’re water on a hot day in a vending machine that’s too expensive but really easy to break into and I’ve never been more okay with being evil.
Seriously. Just ask.

So yes this grin isn’t that of a shark
Or a crocodile it’s that of a half broken
half smitten heart with long hair and
Too little money in the bank account to just run away again so no these dimples are for you just as much as they aren’t.
Suck on that.
Or is that what you should be saying to me? I mean in prospect of me doing the
Manual – oral labour

In favour of unions
Are we not