Crumpled Napkin

Never have i ever Regretted not making a fool Of myself til now knowing you More closely – (Better) as in – Carnally you see that’s where These hands want to be on flesh On yours on skin in hair All over where they don’t belong But do they crave it
I hardly know what to do with myself
At this point I’m incapable of holding my digits accountable for anything other
Than what’s slipping through words I don’t say Around you Careless and wound up synchronously If you constantly look at me like that i will hit the g point Of no return and break down Fall right over my own feet that are another useless extension of a body that is helplessly succumbing to your gravity
So for god’s sake let’s (not)
leave those front steps to their haunted loneliness leave that door handle untouched as it stands because a whisper from you will bring my walls right down.