Space Cowboy

Honey but the pollen is star dust
Passion but it’s more than love
Anchored in the vastness of the universe
Drifting on the promise of endlessness
A river trailing through the milky way
A taste of sweetness
Eden couldn’t dream it
nor Gods demand it’s existence

Just you – the creator – can fathom it
Can elicit with a swift stroke
of your finger what destiny
has forged for millennia
in it’s furnace of molten super novas
only You can name it just
for it to respond in desperation
for your call – the creation – writhes
under your whispers sweet syllables
can topple world orders
and mine has fallen
from disarray through disorder
to chaos – your voice carries my name –
i fall to my knees
You laugh and the ashes rain
from above cover us

Cover us

    Cover us you may have taken me under
    I feel the ground vibrating
    with me to your touch birthing
    long forgotten star seeds
    to the light the sun
    that is over but not above us

    (I’m in love).