from the Heart

the words clawed themselves free
from my throat
without my agreement
revealing intent

you did that to me
temptations temptations
you should’ve bitten me harder
(remeber i said)
should’ve ripped right through me
ripped those strings while you were
plucking from heaven and misery
my moaning – : your melody

i can’t deny how relieved i was to discover
you felt happy with your handfuls of me
i can’t deny how i was proud to possess
hips that left you in wonder
(not so sure how to feel about being described
as a good bed companion but I’ll take whatever
i can from you)
I took whatever you gave me

i would’ve worshipped you on my knees
(just tell me to,
tell me to, please
You know i like it when you do
you know, you said yourself you do)

i can’t ever forget the sweetest taste
you had on your lips
sweetness you simply handed me
couldn’t help yourself
i knew you never liked it
how i left you in recognition
of ownership, of awareness,
of having a heart
i knew you were gonna fight it but
i thought you couldn’t stop love
I was wrong
happens to the best of us (- and then some.)

but it’s alright and i will be, too
_ was it.. one week/weak or two?
we’ve stopped talking and it broke my heart.
i still have my moments… still i wish upon a star.
i never tell anyone, of course.
i know i need to move on… from time to time i can’t help it though
You did me good.