Brett Kava-Kava

when skin and genitalia
become a privilege
when power becomes a currency
that cannot be earned with
respect or dignity,

We sell ourselves to the markets
we create
(trade a quarter time for a lemonate)

it’s not by mistake we are motivated
to work so we can work less –

Näh, i watch as they choke on dimes
sink into dollar signs
hit the rock bottom jackpot:
being the richest all around but
the lowest of them all.

anyway, i only meant to say

if you’re black and a woman
or anything but butter bread white
they won’t let you join the fight

so you bring the fight to them
you stand in front of their walls
their halls and houses
remind them of their responsibility

since power comes to those
with deep pockets and
bad friends who won’t tell you
your fantasy is misery

that women don’t like (!) serving
and men don’t want to be (!) cold
– but who cares
that it kills them as long as it’s manly

it’s after the turn of the century
we only just got here
yet it’s an uphill battle with a
downhill fall

maybe another world war

drones assassinating
terrorist cells in schools,
hospitals and market stalls

(you never know what hiding spot
they came up with
this time)

because (sure) we have the weapons
and everything is digitized
but that’s this side
the other end is blood and gore
and innocence

I guess I’m ranting again
so let me resolute that
human rights deal with
human trafficking

because we are a currency
when time is money
and money is what life
runs on.