Just Not You

It’s sickly breath
if the stickiness
is any attest
to the heat of
last night’s fuck fest

But GEe the boner
digging into my backbone
gets even hungover loners
like us going

mh mh it sure ain’t magic
the touch you bury into me
but hell if i care i’ll stare
with you behind me
going crazy
for no reason that has to do
with me and feeling empty
moaning fake happy
keep you going ’til you’re cumming

Guess it’s over for me when it’s over for you
boy you’ll fuck hard til you’re through
there’s no shame i’ll never cum for you
cause you say going down on a girl is lame
not like her pleasure matters anyway

it’s morning sex
the sober regret
of a morning after
the ironic counter part
to the happy ever after

Cause I’m sure if i wanted you
your breath wouldn’t smell
I’m sure if you’d care to
you could show me heaven

But honey it’s fine
We can find a better kind
once we’ve left behind
our last time.