you kiss me on the softer end of rough

It’s true the vibe is sunset rendez-vous
that has me so turned on by you

and these kisses like sugar
cubes dissipate to more sweetness
like crushed ice cubs pieces melting
over me cause I need it
can’t take it if i can’t give it
need to get you pleased with
the way my body is yours to tease with
the way I’m trying to please you

Hungry butterflies
Wings supersized
Have me floating
Up High Up High
High Up

Look lover looker love like you
Can’t have a girl stranded at the shores
Thirsting for your sugar water dew

When you’re inside of me
All I feel is heat and desire
You’re fucking me wild like
Californian Camp Fires
Burning Me Up from the inside
I can’t decide if it’s love
I can’t decide if it’s love

But I like it