luv’ (song)

I feel like a child with you
feel like height isn’t all
I’m struggling to catch up to
When i look at you
I look up up up
I guess I look up to you

I guess I look up

and the voice you speak
with is heavy
and the sounds that you make
should be a sin

But the ways you live it
has inspired a new religion
the way you do you
– breathe out breathe in –
grounds evenly
Even me

it’s a hole it’s a hole
you’ll hear me sing
but honestly I believe in
so much more than I did
a month, a year ago
Funny how you walking miracle
change my faith
just as i was about to let it go

there’s a hole
where there was a heart
there will be
once more

what’s empty can always be
Up it’s time
to grow

I’ll grow myself a new one
the soil you brought me
i can taste the earth
i can taste ground

it’s rooting me honey
it’s pulling me down

You know love is a child
of freedom
lover, love is not anything
we can own
to love means to breathe
means to live
with this truth
love isn’t a fairy tale
it’s more real
it’s more than me and you

it’s in every action
of sweet soul serenity
that allows us to be
Truthfully, to love means to live
To live means be in love with the truth.

(I’ve never felt as real
as i do with you
I’ve never felt this alive.)